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Pre-Baal (Start Here)


Your first goal in the game is to beat the tutorial (beat Baal). You will want to create as many shadow clones as you can because every 20 clones created or killed will increase the "soft cap" of your clone limit by 1 up until 99,999. You want to rebirth when your rebirth multi is decently higher than your current multi (at least 100x). You should always be either automatically or manually training Special Fights to decrease the number of clones needed for Physical/Skills.

As soon as you unlock Monuments (after beating Diana), build them. Before you defeat Nephthys, build monuments as high as you can. After Nephthys, you are able to buy Creations, making it much easier to build cheaper monuments. Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens are really good to improve stats for your current rebirth, especially after you can upgrade them (after beating Freya). On the other hand, the more expensive monuments are better for your rebirth multipliers, so it is good to upgrade them before you rebirth after you have your divinity generator.

After you beat Cybele, you can get all creations you need to unlock the Divgen. To do that, you need to build at least one monument all up to the Temple of God. Newer players often underestimate the power of the divinity generator, but it can speed up your progress a lot. You put in creations and get more divinity back than the amount you spent buying those creations, which increases your divinity, and allows you to buy even more things. You should always keep it filled after you have it. In the beginning, upgrading the divinity generator is slow and might not be worth it. However, when you have some more building speed and 100k+ clones it is worth investing in some minor upgrades.


Easy pets to unlock early are Cupid, Frog, Bee, Egg/Chicken, Mouse, and Bug. If an event is going on, you should run the event campaign and spend the pet token on Thunder Ball/Raiju or Vampire. When you have your first six pets, you can put them in Newbie Grounds as a dungeon team. It takes 1.5 hours to reach the boss. You can create your first dungeon team within a few days to a week of starting the game since all of these pets are unlocked by Zeus. When your pets have reached around DL10, you can move them over into Mountain Dungeons D1 0/0/0. When you get another pet, replace frog with that pet and move frog into the fishing pond.

After defeating the Newbie Grounds dungeon boss for the first time, you will obtain the Aether Ring. This item cannot be equipped or be used in crafting, but it can be used to unlock another pet, Aether. After getting the ring, simply click "Unlock" on Aether in the pet page. It is important to unlock Aether as soon as possible. Because of the way Aether works, the longer you wait to unlock it, the harder it will be to become strong. While it may start weak, Aether has a quest attached to it that will eventually make it incredibly strong. For more information, check out Aether's page here. Aether can make a good dungeon pet until you're ready to start its quest.

God Power

Don't purchase the clones/build speed/creation speed upgrades that cost less than 10 gp. These give significantly worse stats per gp spent.

Your first ~200 GP can be spent on raising your Creating Speed (CS) to 140% (40gp), getting 105% building speed (30gp), buying one Creation Count (CC) (50gp) so it takes less than an hour to create all your clones, and then buying another 105% bs (30gp) and 1 cc (50gp). This allows you to unlock some early milestone rewards giving you the max amount of power for the least amount of gp.

After these initial purchases, consider buying the following:

-auto-buy creation reduction (multiple purchases, takes the cost of creations from 120% -> 100%. Pretty strong upgrade for a low price.)

-Improved next at (great QoL upgrade, grab it later if you do super long rebirths or if you babysit the game)

-TBS upgrades (as needed/tolerated. Makes your TBS progress easier. Feel free to delay this as long as you want.)

For building up god stats with gp, you should buy whatever you need to complete the upcoming challenges first. If you are unsure about what that is or just generally lost on what to buy, consider spending gp in the following ratio: 30k shadow clones, 1 cc, 35% cs, 70%bs

PLEASE don't follow that ratio for the entire game, just use it as foundation to modify as needed.


By the time you have ~50,000 clones, you can start training might. Might unlocks once you've trained all your skills. It takes at least 95 minutes, and longer if you don't have enough clones to one-cap your skills. Might gives you boosts in your current rebirth. There is also a lifetime counter of all might you've ever gained that gives you a boost across all your rebirths.


You should be opening as many lucky draws as you can. Lucky draws have the chance to contain pets or other rewards.

If you want to make premium purchases, good ones here are the refrigerator, daily packs, or a pet token. Buying GP will speed up early progression.

First Baal Kill

Your First Challenges

After killing Baal for the first time, you have completed the tutorial. Congratulations! Now onto the rest of the game. You have a rough idea of the game mechanics now, and it's time to start your first challenge, the Day Pet Challenge. You will get at least a 20% bonus for all future pet feedings just by waiting one day and making sure they are fed. Train your pets for a while with clones or in the Level Campaign and don't worry too much about how you're doing.

Next, you will should start your first Ultimate Baal Challenge (UBC).The UBC is like resetting to when you first started the game. The good news is that you keep your one-capped skills, the pets you've unlocked, and the knowledge you've gained. In a UBC, your pets do not provide multipliers, but they can still explore dungeons and go on God Power campaigns to earn you more GP.

Your first UBC may take you a week or so. In return, this will allow you access to some very strong mechanics that make subsequent challenges much easier, and is well worth the time invested. Only do 1 UB for now, as the rest will be done later when you're more powerful. If you are one to make premium purchases to support the game, GP purchases go a long way here.

When you finish the first UBC, you'll get your GP back and some bonus GP on top as a reward. You get to keep any Might that you have trained during the UBC. You may want to buy "Improved Next At" from the GP store by now so that you can have your clones automatically move to the next training. Good GP purchases here include more shadow clones, more BS, and one more CC. As a rough rule of thumb, you should aim to have enough CC to create all your clones in 15-20 minutes.

By finishing your first UBC, you have unlocked the Crystal Factory and Ultimate Beings V2, both of which will increase your power tremendously in almost all other areas of the game. If you can create an Earthlike Planet, you can start using the Crystal Factory. Killing Planet Eater will give you 100 energy, which you can use to buy one creation module. The module will take ten minutes to produce one crystal. That crystal will raise your creation count. You can max your crystals at the end of the rebirth and they will provide Crystal Power, which persists across rebirths.

Your First Pet Evolution

By the time you kill Baal for the first time, you should have unlocked Armadillo and Squirrel. You will gradually be gaining materials in Mountain dungeon, looking towards evolving Frog. You may have enough ants to evolve Bug. If you would like, you can play the Pets Card Game to earn food for your pets or to give to Mouse for its evolution.

You typically want to evolve pets into whatever class their bonus requires. This can be checked by hovering your mouse over the pet icon on the Pet list tab in-game, or tapping and holding the pet icon on mobile. Alternatively, refer to Pets. Some pets (Camel, Cupid, Mole, Bug, Mouse, etc) have no evo bonus, or a bonus that is weak/negligible. These pets are referred to as Wildcards by the community, are usually easy to evolve in the early game, and can be nice in dungeons or as crafters. However, it is strongly recommended you do not make these Wildcard non-specialist pets into Mages or Defenders. Pets that do not have a bonus in these classes are incredibly weak compared to the pets that do, and it is best to just wait until you have access to these specialists.

By now, you should be able to evolve Mouse and Frog. Mouse is a wildcard, so you can make it anything you want, but going with either Rogue or Supporter is a safe bet. Frog is a Supporter, and often placed in Fishing Pond for the time being if you've evolved Mouse in a Supporter. If you can evolve Bug, it is another good wildcard, and often evolved into into a Blacksmith for when you move into the Volcano dungeon later on.


If you want to make any premium purchases, this would be a good time to get the Improved Crystal Upgrade and/or the Crystal Equip Slot Upgrade. Refrigerator purchase is also useful, as it lets you keep food even when you Rebirth.


More Challenges

After the DPC and UBC, you can go into the Double Rebirth Challenge. This is much easier than a UBC. It resets your power multipliers (Phsyical, Mystic, Battle, Creating), but you keep your god stats (Clones, Build Speed, Creation Speed, CC) and your pets. The goal is to kill Baal. You should notice that it goes much faster this time around.

At some point, you will have your first 50 Challenge Points. Spend it on Damage reduction vs UBs to make the Planet tab much easier to benefit from.

After your first DRC, you can do your first God Power Challenge to unlock the God Power pet. At this point, you have at least 500 lifetime GP and should have a basic idea of how to play the game. A good idea here is to finish your remaining DRCs. Don't worry about doing the rest of the God Power Challenges until later in the game. The reward is very weak, and your time is better spent on DRCs.

Do not fall into the trap of doing Clone Buildup Challenge. The reward may look enticing (you get free might and clones?!) but it is absolutely not worth your time. The God Power you gain from doing DRCs is actually more than what the reward from CBC would give. Those are better done after you have completed a few challenge sets to completion, and have strong pets.

TLDR: First Five Challenges in Optimal Order

No brain, just game:

  1. 1x DPC - Day Pet Challenge (improves pet feeding)
  2. 1x UBC - Ultimate Baal Challenge (unlocks Crystal Factory)
  3. 1x DRC - Double Rebirth Challenge (gets rolling/farm gp)
  4. 1x GPC - God Power Challenge (unlocks new pet)
  5. All remaining DRC (reward is really good)
  6. Whatever you like, e.g. UPC - Ultimate Pet Challenge or MMC - Monument Multi Challenge (reward is really good also)

Challenge Order Guide

The community has made a challenge order guide that gives a safe walkthrough of which challenges should be completed and when. Do not take this as law and feel free to experiment with challenges. You can always load a save or cancel out after an hour, so don't be afraid about losing progress.

More In-Depth Guide

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