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The in-game FAQ can be accessed by pressing the D key or going to Other - FAQ.


Q: "I cannot find information on X on the wiki"

You can ask your question on the discord. Almost all the time someone will be able to answer your question there or a resource you are looking for is present there. Here is the link to the discord. https://discord.com/invite/r2u6VNU

The FAQ for the game can be easily accessed ingame by pressing F2 or Other > FAQ.

Please ask any questions in the ingame chat or on the discord server if you are new! The answer will often be "read the tool tips" (as there are literally hundreds of tool tips - everything has a tool tip!) or "read the FAQ" (don't get more than 345% creating speed at the start and think about creation count).

Also DO NOT buy anything that costs less than 10 GP because it's very inefficient. Just be patient - the game will get faster soon (with more things to do). Special fights ("1-caps") is probably the most important thing at the start of the game.

The game discord also has a FAQ (What's "UBC" or "div gen" or "ms" or ...? answers: https://i.imgur.com/zGBysLb.png or https://i.imgur.com/SQj63D7.png).

Useful settings: https://i.imgur.com/XLG5oSk.png

Your main goal is to defeat Baal for the first time as fast as possible (and thus finish the "tutorial" of ItRtG). Methods to get there include "1-caps (physical / mystic training via "Fight" --> "Special"), feeding pets and sending them on growth missions, getting your DivGen up and running for building better monuments and upgrades (Godly Statue for current god stats, Statues/Pyramids/Temples for rebirth stats), working on rare special events (new pets!), and increasing your clone soft cap to the base 100k.

Once you beat Baal the first time, take a look at this sheet to get a basic understanding of when to do challenges:


A note on pets:

There are a ton of pets you can get in the early game - that's especially important because there are a few events throughout the year where you can get a pet token to get the Thunder Ball pet (+growth, good stats) or the Otter (possible 2nd best choice for growth). A full guide to pets that you can get with tokens is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1V0d2b9RJkZjRKv9IF9XFkWgJWm52HgQ5vsj9161imP4/edit

So during your first climb to defeat Baal (about 2 weeks - also called "the tutorial"), you can unlock 7 pets (mouse, frog, bee, cupid, egg and squirrel from Gods as well as the golden dragon pet from ICE and the bug pet from clicking "feedback").

So if you are about 2-3 weeks away from the next event, think about concentrating on climbing fast and getting all of those early pets so you will have an easy time to get the pet token for Thunder Ball during the event.