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Your own planet. When upgraded to at least level 1, unlocks several new features.



To upgrade your planet you must build and then sacrifice a single creation:

Planet Level Planet Name Creation Req.
Level 0 Dead Rock Planet
Level 1 Cold Planet Earthlike Planet
Level 2 Blue Planet Sun
Level 3 Beautiful Planet Solar System
Level 4 One Planet in a Million Galaxy
Level 5 Almighty Planet in the Universe Universe
Level 6-50 UUCs
Level 51+ ChP, DBC, UCC

You can increase your planet's level past 5 by completing Ultimate Universe Challenge (up to 50). After that you can further increase the level of your planet by doing a Day Baal Challenge, by completing the first 4 Ultimate Challenge Challenge, and via Challenge Points. The higher your planet level, the better for power surge (build --> planet --> BUs or UBs V2; also compare with the powersurge might upgrade and Planet Multi Challenge as well as Suwesh).

With the exception of the Ultimate Arty Challenge the upgrade level and unlock status of the Planet persists between Rebirths and Challenges.

Planet Multiplier

The Planet Multiplier multiplies all 4 primary stats (Physical, Mystic, Battle, and Creating), making it a large source of power. It is generated from Powersurge and Ultimate Being kills (including UBv2s):

Powersurge Multiplier

Each completed Powersurge will increase the Powersurge Multiplier by 1% (additively). This can be increased by the Overflow Powersurge purchase.

Note: Powerbonus for Fights is also generated by Powersurge but does not contribute to the Powersurge Multiplier.

UB Multiplier

Each UB kill within a rebirth multiplies the existing UB Multiplier, based on its Tier and times killed within the rebirth:

After 10 kills, instead multiplies by:

The Multiplier increase shown in-game notes how much will be added to the current Planet Multiplier after the next kill of that UB.


Each UBv2 defeated increases the UB Multiplier based on its tier:

Note: ! here means factorial.

Name Tier Multiplier Total
Planet Eater V2 1 2 2
Godly Tribunal V2 2 3 6
Living Sun V2 3 4 24
God Above All V2 4 5 120
ITRTG V2 5 6 720


Completed UBv2 Challenges increases the multiplier from UBv2s.

Each UBv2 defeated instead increases the UB Multiplier by:
Note: V2Cs are capped at 10
Note 2: If the UBv2 is defeated before Might is unlocked, you will not get the V2C extra multiplier. If you defeat at least one UBv2 after Might is unlocked, you will then retroactively receive the extra multiplier from UBv2s that were killed before Might.

To calculate the Total V2 Multiplier, we can use the recurrence relation:

E.g. LSv2 defeated with 5 V2Cs completed:

Multipling the UB Multiplier by 55.