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Idling to Rule the Gods


Latest game update version

4.27.1464 (2024-06-09)

- Added Demon King as a new Gram boss from Patreon members Putzi and Carpe

- The Challenge Points dungeon overtime bonus now also works for Towers

- Added a new Pet from Elliwood: Pack Mule. It improves for Tavern reward if you use it there. Token unlock.

- Added a new Pet from Nonomo: Hamster. It is a newbie blacksmith with a secret unlock condition.

- Added Ear Muffs as a new accessory. It boosts crafting speed a bit and only Hamster can craft it.

- Added a new Challenge Points upgrade for quest overtime. Similar to dungeon overtime, but for quest and it is a single purchase for up to 95% bonus for quest points, god power, and experience. Other rewards give no extra.

- The dungeon materials you get from lucky draws are now multiplied with (1 + top 50 total pet dungeon levels / 1000)

You can see the full changelog here:








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