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Multiverse is a tab unlocked after completing your first Ultimate Multiverse Challenge.


Multiverse Level

The first thing you can start to do with your Multiverse is to make it stronger! Levelling up your Multiverse is similar to building monuments -- you assign clones and need a certain amount of prerequisite creations, in this case Universes, in order to increase the level. The speed of leveling is determined by your Creating Speed and the number of clones assigned.

The first Multiverse Level costs a total of 1e6 (1 million) Universes, with each one after that costing 5e6 * current Multiverse Level. So 5e6 more to get Level 2, 1e7 more (1.6e7 cumulative) to get to Level 3, and so on. The formulas for the nth Multiverse Level cost (n > 1), and for the cumulative cost of the first n Multiverse Levels, are:

Each level will increase the four main god stats (Physical, Mystic, Battle, Creating) by 100%, making it very useful when climbing P.Baals.

The time needed and the Universe cost to level the Multiverse will increase each level. Increasing your Creating Speed (by any of the several means, including slotting a mage in RTI) reduces the time needed. Completing UMC increases the leveling speed by 5% each challenge completion to a maximum of 100%, or twice as fast.


Completing a DMVC unlocks the Boost, which acts as a multiplier to your Multiverse Level's stat bonus. As with the ML, it begins at level 0, and can be increased 1 level at a time by assigning shadow clone workers. However, unlike the ML, this one doesn't cost universes. It costs divinity per second, which is subtracted directly from the Divinity Generator's output.

The div/s required to build a Boost level is proportional to the number of shadow clones assigned, and also depends on your DMVC score. If the DivGen isn't producing enough, then the Boost will take all of the available div/s, and any extra clones will effectively do nothing. The CAP button will assign as many clones as the DivGen's output can support (or your current number of available clones, if that's smaller).

The amount of clones required to for a specific Divinity/sec is:

The divinity gained from Divinity campaigns and Ultimate Beings kills is based on the DivGen's output before the Boost construction cost is subtracted.

The total stat bonus multiplier provided by the Leveled and Boosted Multiverse is:

Additional Elements

Three additional Multiverse Elements may be unlocked by completing an Ultimate Overflow Challenge:

  • Rebirth Multi (Increases your rebirth multiplier for your next rebirth)
  • God Power (Gives you god power every hour)
  • Pet Growth (Gives you some pet growth for all pets every hour)

Each of these elements requires clones to build, and also costs Universes, following the same formula as the Multiverse Level (1M Universes for the first level, 5M for the second, 10M, 15M, etc.). Each element's cost is based solely on that element's level, independent of the Multiverse Level or the other element levels.

Each element's output is multiplied by a time-based factor which begins at 0, increases linearly to 100% at 24 hours, and then decreases linearly to 0 at 48 hours. This multiplier is shown in the Multiverse tab. After 48 hours in a rebirth, these elements have no effect.

The passive God Power and Pet Growth elements grant their output once per hour (the tooltips have a timer showing when the next tick occurs). The Pet Growth element gives Growth to each pet you own (so having more pets gives you more total Growth). The total reported at the bottom of the tab is the total Growth given to all pets combined.

Without UOC point purchases, these elements give the following outputs:

The base strength is 0.05 for Rebirth Multi, 0.1 for God Power and 0.01 (per pet) for Pet Growth.

There are UOC point purchases which increase the gains from each element. For Rebirth Multi, the formula becomes:

For God Power, the formula becomes:

For Pet Growth, the growth per pet per hour becomes:

This formula gives you the growth value shown in the Pet Growth tooltip. Multiplying by your number of pets unlocked gives the Combined Base Growth/h shown at the bottom of the screen.