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The main draw of Pets is that you can train them against your shadow clones, levelling them up and raising their power, which in turns grants a % boost to your Physical, Mystic, and Battle. After you complete an RTI challenge and begin leveling the Creating module, Pets can also grant a % boost to the Creating stat equal to the average of the Phys/Myst/Batt multiplier * multi from RTI.

Pet Stats

Your pets have much the same stats as your own God:

Physical: Much like with your God, each Physical stat adds 10 HP to your pet. However it adds NO attack power.

Mystic: Works just like Mystic for your God. Add 0.5 defense per stat, and 0.05 HP regen/s.

Battle: Works just like Battle for your God. Adds 1.0 attack per stat point.

Pets only lack a creating stat. As your pets' stats get stronger, they import a % bonus to your own God's equivalent stats, at a rate of 0.01% per stat point. In other words, every 100 stat yields 1% to your equivalent stat. Note that when you rebirth, your pets' stats are reset as well.

Pet Rebirth Multiplier

Every 50% stat bonus gained from pets, the rebirth multiplier corresponding to this stat goes up by 1%. This bonus is capped at a total multiplier of 999%, or +899%.

This cap happens when a stat multiplier reach 45050%.

Pet Growth

As well as having stats, each Pet has a Growth stat that influences how much their stats increase when they level up fighting clones or in the Level campaign. Growth is a crucial stat for your Pets, increasing their total power multiplier given to your God stats, and influences Dungeon stats and XP gains. While stats reset for your pets each rebirth, Growth does not. Pet stats grow evenly, each 33% based on the total growth. Using the Strategy Room however allows you to adjust how the pet stats are weighted. For example, instead of each stat being 33% of the pet's total power, you can allocate all to Mystic to focus on that multiplier instead.

Training your Pets

Clicking on a pet will take you to the menu where you can get an overview of your pet, and more importantly, train your pet. Clicking create clones will allow you to set aside some of your Shadow clones to spar with your pet. Your clone's stats will work the same way as pets do here. You can set their Physical, Mystic, and Battle, which determines the EXP awarded when your pet defeats them. Clone stats are capped at your current god stats / clone divider (the clone divider can be found on the clone tooltip in the top right. This number is usually / 50). The pet EXP formula is:

EXP = (cloneMystic * cloneBattle * Clone Physical ^ 2.3) ^ (1/2.6)

As for actual combat, it's much like fighting Gods with your own God. Each second your pet will deal (petBattle - cloneMystic / 2) damage, and the clone will deal (cloneBattle - petMystic / 2) to you, divided into 33 (or 100/3 exactly) ticks of damage/second.

When the clone is defeated, it will return to your Idle clone pool, and a new clone from your pet's pool will step up and continue fighting. your pet will gain exp according to your clone's stats.

There are several bonuses to pet training that should be obtained as soon as possible to maximize the potential god stats as well as your campaign results, since many of them rely on pet stats. Things like auto half stats, config half stats, and EXP overflow will greatly improve pet training. After auto half stats, pet training is as simple as clicking "Disburse" in the top right of the pet screen. When you have config half stats, the optimal ratio is 1/556/550. Higher Physical ratio will increase the time it takes to fight clones, so increase this if pets are killing clones too fast for your max clones. Note: Auto half stats currently does not update while offline, so leveling pets is less efficient. If stats from pets are important for a given challenge then do your clone training online, especially early in the rebirth when stats change rapidly.

Pet Level up

When your pet Levels up, it will gain stats equal to its corresponding Growth for each stat, multiplied by a factor from 0.1- 1.0. The factor increases with every 100 levels.

Pet Level Factor total_stat_factor(level) function
1-99 0.1 0.9 + 0.1*level
100-199 0.2 10.8 + 0.2*(level-99) = 0.2*level - 9
200-299 0.3 0.3*level - 28.9
300-399 0.4 0.4*level - 58.8
400-499 0.5 0.5*level - 98.7
500-599 0.6 0.6*level - 148.6
600-699 0.7 0.7*level - 208.5
700-799 0.8 0.8*level - 278.4
800-899 0.9 0.9*level - 358.3
900+ 1.0 level - 448.2

For example, if your pet has 500 physical, 600 mystic, and 700 battle growths, and levelled up from 466-467 that pet would gain 250 to its physical stat, 300 to its mystic, and 350 to its battle.

Pet Food

Pets have a fullness (hunger) level, seen in percentage when you hover over a pet's name in the pet overview tab. It starts at 100% and drops slowly to 0% in 24 hours time (12.5% every 3 hours). This can be sped up through DNRC -- the same reduction to campaign length will apply to your pets' hunger rate.

Once fullness dips below 87.5%, you have the opportunity to feed your pet, to refill the bar, and more importantly, gain permanent growth for your pet. One unit of food regains 12.5% fullness, and gives permanent base growth, based on the type of food used (see table below), and applicable modifiers (including the DPC reward, Fishing pet food boost, and SpaceDim Gene Splicing bonus), Every 12.5% filled by feeding gives the same growth increase regardless of % said pet is fed at.

Food can be bought with GP or Baal Power, or found in campaigns, Tavern quests, milestone rewards, event rewards, etc. Any food left over, except for Chocolate, will expire upon rebirth unless the Refrigerator is bought.

Once fullness hits 0%, the pet's HP will drop to 0 and it won't contribute to the pet multiplier anymore until it is fed again.

Rebirth resets each pet's fullness to 100%, with the exception of pets who are in a dungeon with rebirth bacon in their team inventory. These pets will retain their hunger level, so long as you have unlocked Might in the current rebirth. Rebirthing before that will always reset pet hunger. This includes the automatic second rebirth that happens whenever you start a Multi Reset challenge.

Free Puny Strong Mighty Chocolate
0.75 Growth 1.5 Growth 3 Growth 4.5 Growth 6 Growth