Baal Power

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Baal Power (BP) is a special currency earned by defeating P. Baals. Each P.Baal gives a base amount of BP equal to its number. For example, P.Baal V2 gives 2 BP, while P.Baal V50 gives 50 BP.

The base BP drop value can be increased by the tier 4 Patreon bonus (hover on the crown icon to the left of the avatar) when connected to the Internet, by completing UGC, and by the SpaceDim V60 bonus.

BP has six uses:

  1. Buying Pet Food.
  2. Buying Light Clones. You only get one reset per day, so it's best not to reset at 500 and be slightly conservative with them. Maintaining a bank of 50-100 resets for when you do LCC helps make that challenge easier.
  3. Buying pet stones (only available if Might has been unlocked in the current rebirth.)
  4. Unlock Vermilion Pheasant by purchasing 10,000 Pet Stones with Baal Power
  5. Buying temporary TBS levels.
  6. Boosting the power of your clones when fighting Ultimate Beings. Mostly useful in GP resets.

All unspent BP is lost on rebirth.