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God Power (GP) is the most important resource in the game. It serves as the currency needed to buy a wide variety of permanent upgrades.

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You can gain God Power through a wide variety of means:

  • Defeating Hyperion to Diana for the first time earns 1 GP.
  • Defeating Izanagi, and every god after, earns 1 GP each rebirth. Starting with P.Baals, this can double and eventually triple with P. Baal Challenges.
Ultimate Beings
  • Defeating Ultimate Beings will earn GP on certain kills. This averages at 1 GP/h, and can increase up to 4 GP/h with SpaceDim.
  • Ultimate Beings V2 earn you 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 GP (70 GP with autokill unlocked through UBV2) each for a total of 150 GP for killing the entire set.
  • Ultimate Beings V4 earn you 20, 40, 60, 80 & 100 GP each for a total of 300 GP for killing the entire set.
Building Black Holes gives you a 25% chance to earn 1 GP/hour per level, maxed at 100% at level 4. Later on with 1KBHCs, Overflow Points, and SpaceDim it can increase to around 6-8/hour, or more in longer rebirths.
A fully upgraded God Crystal passively gives 2 GP/hour, and is multiplied by RTI bonuses.
Pets can earn GP from God Power campaigns and dungeon events.
Most Challenges give god power upon completion.
Overflow Points
Black Hole upgrades earn you 1 GP instantly for each level of upgrade, after rebirthing. This is capped at 50 per rebirth, which can be increased by Overflow Points. The amount of GP obtained from each black hole upgrade can also be increased by UBHC.
Lucky Draws
Lucky Draws can win you 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 GP. This can increase with your GP bonus on the purchase page.
Spending Money
GP can be purchased directly or obtained through various packages in the Premium Shop


God Power can be spent on:

  • Shadow Clones
  • Build Speed (BS)
  • Creation Speed (CS)
  • Creation Count (CC)
  • Miscellaneous upgrades like decreasing autobuy cost, improving TBS
  • Draining dungeon XP (25 GP cost)
  • Resetting your ChP purchases, which is useful when respecing for certain challenges or undoing unintentional purchases (1000 GP)
  • Purchasing 99,999 clones for 3 GP, which is useful in GP resets and OCCC
  • Buying 1 / 4 / 8 hours worth of Divinity (1/3/5 GP), or any amount if you purchase the 999GP upgrade
  • Buying Puny / Strong / Mighty Food for 0.2 / 0.4 / 0.6 GP per.

Note: Creation Count is named "creations per bar" in the GP shop.

Note: Some GP purchase options for Clones, build Speed, and Creation Speed are not optimal. You will end up spending more GP for the same amount of Clones/BS/CS if you buy the cheaper options. For clones, do not buy anything below 10,000 clones (25 GP option). For BS and CS, do not buy anything below 35% for the (10 GP option).

What To Buy

Getting Started

Don't purchase the clones/build speed/creation speed upgrades that cost less than 10 gp. These give significantly worse stats per gp spent.

Your first ~200 GP can be spent on raising your Creating Speed (CS) to 140% (40gp), getting 105% building speed (30gp), buying one Creation Count (CC) (50gp) so it takes less than an hour to create all your clones, and then buying another 105% bs (30gp) and 1 cc (50gp). This allows you to unlock some early milestone rewards giving you the max amount of power for the least amount of gp. Once done, you should have reached 345% Creating Speed (CS). This will allow you to 1black bar clone creation when you achieve the maximum amount of 2creating speed that the creating stat can give you. This happens at 55 duodecillion (5.5 E+40) creating stat.

Then, you should maintain a ratio of 150%-200% BS to every 20k clones you have. This means that you should have ~875% BS (775% from GP + 100% base) to match your initial 100k clones. You should keep the time that you need to max clones at 15-20 minutes. This means getting 1 CC for every 30-40k clones you have. This decision varies greatly depending on the length of your average rebirths. For example, if you are doing sub-1-hour speed runs, you will want a higher CC to clone ratio.

Eventually, you should have 3334%+ CS. This lets you black bar clones with 0 base creating stat, which is useful in challenges that reset your rebirth multipliers, like the Double Rebirth Challenge. It also lets you create high-end creations in a reasonable amount of time.

Of the limited buys, auto-buy discount should be picked up early. Improved Next At makes unlocking Might much easier and is worth buying early. Pet Half Stats can wait until your pets have high enough growth that it's worth training them. The alert button is just a UI convenience.

TBS upgrades can wait until you're ready to spend 439 GP at once to maximize them all. Doing this will allow TBS minigames to give you a 500-1000% damage increase, and makes the minigames worth playing. However, if you're trying to unlock Penguin and can afford to spend the GP, the "% less chance to lose a level upon a miss" should probably be your first upgrade, followed by either the upgrade for a "% chance to gain double points" or "increasing the white area by 1 pixel". Please refer to the TBS page for more info about these upgrades.

As a rule of thumb, bank about 2-5% of your lifetime GP to boost your stats. This bonus will eventually become very large as you accumulate crystal power and complete God Skip Challenges. This is particularly important in the early stages of challenges that reset your rebirth multipliers Multi Reset Challenges. In Normal Challenges, this bonus is less important.

Finally, you should buy statistics multiplier (double your statistic multi) whenever your Statistic Multi eventually falls behind your God Multi (under the rebirth tab). Each purchase will allow your Stat Multi to keep up with the God Multi for one more P.Baal.

NOTE: GP usage depends on your playstyle and goals so these suggestions may not be perfect for you, but this guide is a good starting point for new players.

1 To black bar a creation means that you are creating it at the maximum possible speed.
2 This refers to the creating speed that you can get without boosts or multipliers.

Midgame and Beyond

After your first 5-10 million shadow clones, you should shift towards buying mostly clones and enough CC to maintain 20-30 minute clones. Buy more BS and CS when needed for specific challenges, like 1KBHC or DNDC. Clones are more versatile and can be used for Monuments, Might, Power Surge, and RTI training - monuments gradually become a less important part of each rebirth over time. Eventually, you will likely have most of your BS and CS provided by Crystal Power, which can be further boosted by Overflow Points.

You should also drop your banked GP to a fixed value of 5-25k GP depending on your playstyle, letting it rise higher for multi resets and fall lower for normal gameplay.