Overflow Points

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Overflow Points are the reward given for completing Overflow Challenge.

You can use overflow points to buy various perks:

Overflow Points
Name Description Base Cost
Black Hole Increase the maximum number of black holes that can provide GP.

(Great for longer rebirths and lazy OCCC. Only works if you have finished BHC.)

BHU Increase the number of black hole upgrades that can provide GP on rebirthing. (Useful as you start making >50 BHU) 7
Gem Cap Gain the ability to create gems higher than grade 15. (Opinion: Do not buy until much later into the game after UCC 40-50) 3500
Gem Gain Gain 1% more gems from Challenge Dungeons. (Opinion: Only useful in bulk. Not a priority). 7
V2 Autokill QoL upgrade that allows you to autokill v2s with less might. Each upgrade reduces the Might needed by 1 * UBv2 Tier. (Very worthless. As you get more clones and Might speed from Overflow points and challenge rewards, reaching V2 Autokill becomes easier without needing this purchase) 3
HP Regen Increases HP regen by 1%. (This is multiplied with the HP Regen boost from Unleashed Might, Soul Swords, and Hard Mode Challenge Points, making it very useful when you have regen coming from all sources. Mostly noticeable in pre-Might rebirths.) 10
Crystal Power 1% boost to effective CP. Multiplies with GSC and SD. (Opinion: This purchase is very valuable.) 7
SpaceDim Speed 1% boost to SpaceDim leveling speed. This is additive to the boost from RTI. 30
Creating Speed Increases the creating speed you get from the Creation stat by 1%. 20
Powersurge Increases the effectiveness of powersurge, while also increasing clones needed to blackbar, by 1%. (Don't bother until you can easily blackbar powersurge.) 4
Creation Count Unlocked after UCC30. Increases Creation Count by 1%. Does not work in GP Resets or OCCC. Multiplies with SD. 30
Might Speed Unlocked after UCC40. Increases Might training speed by 1%. Multiplies with SD and 1kC. (Opinion: Very useful) 30
Stats Multi Unlocked after UCC50. Increases Physical, Mystic, Battle, and Creating by 1%. 10

The cost for the next level is (base cost)*(num bought + 1)

Because of the cost increase, it's generally hard to spend all your points in one area and better to mostly spread them around. Buying more levels of BH/BHU is very helpful in 12hr+ rebirths and shorter rebirths where you can cap your GP from BHU. Going heavier on CP, CS, and CC when available is generally a good plan for long-term spending.