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This is the first and most basic way of improving your god's power in this world. To start, your god 's only notable ability is to create shadow clones, extensions of your god that can train and learn, passing that experience to your god.

Physical training will help to increase your god's Physical stat, which governs their HP and attack power. This will allow your god to take some hits, and dish them out as well.

Skills training will help to increase your god 's Mystic stat, which governs their defense, and HP regeneration. This is crucial to staying alive in a god fight.

To start, you'll want to assign your clones to the various training tasks in both tabs, generally keeping the number even between them.

You'll unlock the next physical/skill training when the previous one is leveled to 500 * the training # on the list So, the 2nd training requires level 500 on the 1st training, the 3rd requires level 1000 on the 2nd, and so on. The final trainings for physical/skills requires 13,500 levels for the 2nd last training.

Below is the full list of physical and skill trainings available on these tabs.

Training # Physical Name Skill Name Starting Cap Base Stat Gain
1 Running Double Punch 167 1
2 Situps High Kick 334 3
3 Pushups Dodge 501 5
4 Swimming Shadow Fist 667 7
5 Long Jumps Focus Breathing 834 10
6 Shadow Boxing Raging Fist 1,167 17
7 Jump Rope Defensive Aura 1,667 30
8 Climb Mountains Misdirection 2,167 47
9 Run in Water Whirling Foot 2,834 73
10 Meditate Invisible Hand 3,667 114
11 Throw Spears Dragon Fist 4,667 173
12 Smash Rocks Offense Aura 5,667 253
13 Run with Weights Elemental Manipulation 7,001 374
14 Walk on Tightropes Earth Armour 8,334 535
15 Swim with Weights Ice Wall 9,834 758
16 Dive with Sharks Clairvoyance 11,334 1048
17 Jump on Trees Aura Ball 12,834 1424
18 Walk on Water Mystic Mode 14,501 1930
19 Walk with 10x Gravity 108 Fists of Destiny 16,167 2582
20 Run with 50x Gravity Big Bang 18,001 3450
21 Move Mountains God Speed 20,001 4601
22 Learn to Fly Teleport 22,001 6073
23 Fly Around the World Transformation Aura 24,167 8005
24 Carry Mountains Gear eyes 26,667 10600
25 Fly to the Moon Reflection Barrier 29,334 13991
26 Fly Around the Universe Ionioi Hero Summon 32,167 18411
27 Smash Meteorites Unlimited Creation Works 36,667 25185
28 Train on Dimension X Time Manipulation 43,334 35716

Training Caps

Every training has its own clone cap. This is the number of clones needed to achieve the fastest leveling speed possible: 1 level per tick (33 levels/second.) Clicking the CAP button beside a skill will attempt to assign clones equal to the clone cap of that particular training. If you don't have enough clones for that, it will put in the best fractional value of that cap (1/2, then 1/3, 1/4, etc) that your idle clones allow instead. These training caps begin at around 160 for the first trainings, and grow to about 44,000 for the final training on each list. However, these can eventually be reduced until you require only 1 clone for capped speed for every training. More info on that can be found under Special Fights.