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The Infinity Towers are a set of incredibly challenging Dungeons in which your pets climb different elemental towers to gain Infinity Points, materials needed for Depth 4 events, and tier 3 and tier 4 Crafting materials. To unlock the Infinity Towers, your total Pet Dungeon Levels need to exceed 3,000 for your top 50 pets.

As each Tower has a unique gimmick that you must work around, use the simulate feature to your advantage when organizing a team.

Tower Types

Tower Drops Enemy Enemy stats (floor 0) Special ability
Neutral Neutral.png Magic Ore
Mirror of Ruin (x5) HP: 3333, Att: 150, Def: 0, Spd: 100, Actions: 1.2
Skills: OneTarget, AttackBuff, Heal
Enemies will reflect 50% of the damage your pets do. Max damage = Enemy Maxhp.
Water Water.png Magic Ice
Ocean Stone
Ice Queen (x5) HP: 1600, Att: 100, Def: 100, Spd: 100, Actions: 1.2
Skills: MultiTargetMagic, HealAll, Aliment: Freeze
Enemies will revive once after being killed and use a freezing attack which will freeze your pets for 2 actions. A high enough Total Elemental Resistance will prevent your pets from being frozen. Formula for debuff chance: [((attacker elements/2) / defender elements) - 0.3]*100%
Magic Fire Stone
Sun Stone
Flare Lord (x5) HP: 666, Att: 200, Def: 50, Spd: 150, Actions: 1.3
Skills: OneTarget, Aliment: Burn
Enemies will ignore the defense of your pets.
Wind Wind.png Magic Feather
Sky Stone
Sky King (x5) HP: 1800, Att: 80, Def: 80, Spd: 500, Actions: 2
Skills: OneTarget, Scare, TwoTargets, TwoTargets, Aliment: Poison
Enemies have high speed and can dodge your pets attacks depending on their speed compared to your pet.
Earth Earth.png Magic Wood
Jungle Stone
Unbreakable armor (x5) HP: 1300, Att: 80, Def: 5000, Spd: 20, Actions: 1.04
Skills: OneTarget, Heal, Defend, Aliment: Slow
Enemies will all have a very high defense and are immune to knives' defense reduction.
Elemental All of the above One each of the above As above Enemies will consist of a mix of enemies from the Towers above.

On each trip to the Infinity Towers, your pets may select which tower to visit, and how many hours to spend there.

On your first expedition to a given Infinity Tower, your pets will begin on floor 0, and will require 1 hour to complete that floor. If the trip lasts more than 1 hour, and if your pets don't fall in battle, then the second hour will be spent exploring floor 1, the third hour on floor 2, and so on.

On subsequent trips, your pets may choose to start on any floor number they have previously completed. E.g. if you begin a 4-hour trip starting on floor 5, your pets will attempt to complete floors 5, 6, 7 and 8. If you have purchased Infinity Repeat for 300k pet stones then you may choose to stay on your starting floor, rather than advancing to a more difficult floor each hour.

Enemies in the Infinity Towers receive an additive 40% bonus to their HP, defense and speed, and an additive 50% bonus to attack, per floor. For example, an Ice Queen on floor 0 has 1600 HP and 100 attack. On floor 1, she would have 40% more HP and 50% more attack (2240 HP and 150 attack); on floor 2, 80% more HP and 100% more attack (2880 HP and 200 attack); and so on. Along with this, every 50 floors will double this scaling, meaning at floor 50 an enemy would have 80% more HP, defense, speed and 100% more attack than they did in floor 49 instead of the original scaling. This new scaling will continue until floor 100 where it will double them again and will repeat this every 50 floors.

It is important to note that while pet special abilities work in the Towers, Undine's special does not work if Hourglass is on the same team.

Strategy Guide

Below are two guides to help you find a good team composition for each Tower. The first one by Trey is designed for those looking to break into Towers to begin the farming process for Team 6 and a few T4 mats. The second one, by Mfilich, is good for later players who want to push for higher floors and have access to several pieces of T4 gear. Take a look at both, and use them as ideas for your own teams. You should spend some time running D3-10 Mimic Dungeons before focusing too much on Towers.

Trey's Mid-Lategame Tower Guide:

Mfilich's Endgame Tower Guide:

Each Tower (other than Elemental) has a single type of enemy. You can customize your team to counter that specific foe.

Neutral Tower: Damage reflection is rough. Optimize your damage-dealers for HP (blue gems) so they don't die from the reflection, and lean on Supporters for much-needed healing. Succubus (self-healer when attacking) is especially useful.

Water Tower: Enemies heal each other and freeze you. High water element will resist the freezing a bit. You need to hurt them more than they heal, or you risk going to round 51 and losing that way. Emphasize damage output first, and water element protection a distant second.

Fire Tower: Enemies hit you very hard. Kill them as quickly as possible (emphasizing attack, speed and non-fire offensive element). If you can't kill them in one hit, you'll want a strong fire defender.

Wind Tower: Enemies are very fast, so you'll be taking a lot of speed damage. Emphasize HP (defense doesn't work against speed), and use good Defender(s) and Supporter(s). Elephant is quite useful.

Earth Tower: Enemies have extremely high defense, and they heal each other. You need to hurt them more than they heal, or you risk auto-losing on round 51. Virtually all of your damage will come from Speed, so prioritize that. Mages are preferred, because they get the Speed damage bonus to each enemy they hit.

Infinity Points

Each Tower will give Infinity Points of its corresponding type. Each Floor of the towers will give points equal to the Floor #. This is currently capped at a max of 100 points.

For example:

  • Floor 0 = 0 points.
  • Floor 20 = 20 points.
  • Floor 100 = 100 points.
  • Floor 101 = 100 points.

Infinity Points may be spent to purchase the following:

Purchase Cost
6th Dungeon Team 10,000 of each Infinity Point
Mythril Buy 1 for 500, Buy 10 for 5000 Neutral Points
Ocean Stone Buy 1 for 500, Buy 10 for 5000 Water Points
Sun Stone Buy 1 for 500, Buy 10 for 5000 Fire Points
Sky Stone Buy 1 for 500, Buy 10 for 5000 Wind Points
Jungle Stone Buy 1 for 500, Buy 10 for 5000 Earth Points

After Purchasing the 6th Dungeon Team, you can convert Elemental Points into the other elements at a rate of 5:1 of each. For example:

  • 500 Elemental Points will become 100 of every element.
  • 5000 = 1000 of each.
  • 50000 = 10000 of each.


Monsters in the Infinity Towers have a chance to drop T3, T4, and D4 Key materials. The drop chance is (floor #)% per enemy for T3 mats, (floor # / 20)% for T4 mats and (floor # / 4)% for D4 Key mats. Rogues or other dungeon drop increase effects have no influence on the drop rate. Like with other dungeons, the drops are lost if you die.

For example:

  • Floor 20 ⇒ T3 = 20%, D4 Key Mats = 5% and T4 = 1% per monster
  • Floor 40 ⇒ T3 = 40%, D4 Key Mats = 10% and T4 = 2% per monster
  • Floor 60 ⇒ T3 = 60%, D4 Key Mats = 15% and T4 = 3% per monster
  • Floor 80 ⇒ T3 = 80%, D4 Key Mats = 20% and T4 = 4% per monster