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The Baal Slayer (TBS) is a tab that is unlocked by defeating Baal for the first time. In it you can build up critical hits for your own God. Critical hits do more damage and ignore the God's defense rating. To train TBS you start up the bar for a given location. Your goal is to click the "hit" button when the blue progress is within the white box. Your progress on TBS completely resets upon rebirth, unless you buy any of the TBS upgrade in exchange for God Power.

There are 5 different body-parts to train to increase the Critical Chance and damage:

Eyes: This increases your Critical Hit Chance, capping at 100% Critical Chance. Using mirrored eyes means you must hit the button when the bar is overlapping where the mirrored image of the white zone *would be* mirrored along the middle blue line. So, if the white bar is on the left side, you want to hit where the equivalent spot would be on the right side, and vice versa. This mode gives 2.5x the reward per hit, so while it is a bit more difficult, the consensus is that it's better to use this mode vs regular.

Wings, Tail, Mouth and Feet will increase the Critical Damage by 1%. The Critical Damage is capped at a maximum of 1000% damage overall between the four body-parts. You could train either one zone to 900%, or split it evenly between all the 4 body-parts for respectively 225% Critical Damage each.

There are a range of upgrades available in exchange for God Power to make TBS easier. You can increase the pixel width of the white zone, gain up to a 100% chance at doubling the reward for hitting, reduce the chance to lose levels on a miss down to 20%, and keep up to 80% of your TBS progress upon rebirthing.

TBS Upgrades

All TBS related upgrades add up to a total cost of 439 God Power.

Upgrade Name Single Upgrade Max No. Upgrades Total Price
Reduce chance to lose levels on miss (max 20%) 10 GP per 5% 16x 160 GP
Increase the progress from TBS you keep after rebirthing (max 80%) 10 GP per 10% 8x 80 GP
Increase the chance for double points on hit (max 100%) 5 GP per 5% 20x 100 GP
Increase extra pixels for the white area (max 3 extra pixels) 33 GP per pixel 3x 99 GP
Total 439 GP

With all above GP upgrades it should becomes a lot easier to get a 100% Critical Chance and at least a Critical Damage of 500% total each rebirth.

Baal Power can be used to increase the levels of the body-parts in TBS. Each BP will increase the level of one body-part by 1 level/ 1%. It is however recommended to spend BP rather on pet food or Light Clones for Space Dim if possible.

Challenge Points can further improve the TBS progress kept on rebirth by another 5% and the Day Universe Challenge allows you to add a constant level to each of your TBS body-parts current level after a rebirth.

With the addition of SpaceDim and RTI(∞) Tab, the Critical Damage now can go beyond 1000%. The mentioned 1000% is however the maximum Critical Damage obtainable from solely TBS. TBS therefore becomes very useful for lategame climbing and RTI.