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Rebirthing is the main mechanic of the game that allows you to progress. Your current stat multipliers are replaced with new multipliers, which you can see on the Rebirth screen. There are various ways to increase your Rebirth multipliers, which are detailed below.

Rebirthing becomes available after defeating Hyperion for the first time. Rebirthing allows your god to start over with updated rebirth multipliers. They are changed to what is acquired from the previous run.

You typically want to rebirth often to defeat stronger gods. Many challenges require you to reach a certain god, so rebirthing often in those challenges is very important. It is hard to give a definitive answer on when to rebirth, but you want to rebirth with at least a 100x increase to your stats (shown by the number in parentheses on the Rebirth tab) since each god is approximately 100x stronger than the last.


As your god trains and fights, rebirth multipliers increases. Many factors influence the rebirth multiplier:

Effect of Rebirth Length
  • While under 1 hour, your rebirth multiplier scales linearly from 0% to 100%. After 1 hour, your rebirth multipliers scale linearly by +1% per 30 minutes. Prior to 60 minutes, that scaled number is divided by 2. It is also cumulatively divided by 2 if you are under 30, 15, 12, 10, 8, and 6 minutes. It is cumulatively divided by 3 if you are under 5, 4, 3, and 2 minutes.
    • Meaning, after passing each of the previously listed minute marks, your rebirth multipliers will increase by either 2x or 3x. Use these numbers to estimate when to rebirth when doing short runs.
  • Rebirth time-based multipliers can be increased with TGSC for up to an additional 100% increase at 100 minutes into rebirth, but this is also affected(reduced) by above-mentioned rebirth multipliers while under 1 hour.
  • The exact formula for rebirth time multiplier is: ([scaled time multi] x [.5 if <60 minutes] + [TGSC Bonus]) x [non-60-minute cumulative dividers] x (1 + [Hyperlane bonus]). E.G. at 14 minutes, with full TGSC and 40% Hyperlane SpaceDim bonus: (14/60 x .5 + .14) x .25 x (1 + .4) = 0.089833332
  • The Time Multi aspect of the Rebirth multipliers impacts the next 2 rebirths.

Note: Short rebirths under 1 hour are heavily penalized to discourage rapidly repeated GP farming. This can still be done however, and is called Speedrunning. Only rebirths exceeding 1 hour provide 100% of your expected multis.

  • Achievements give a boost to your rebirth multipliers, the extent of which is calculated from your past rebirth multipliers, AACs completed, and other factors. The multipliers from each achievement are additive - 2 achievements that each gives 10x have an effect of 20x when combined. The value of the achievements increases with the highest god defeated in your last rebirth. Thus, a higher god defeated in the previous rebirth means a higher rebirth multiplier in the current rebirth.
  • Defeating a God will multiply your god multi by 2x and increase the Stat Multi 1cap to the same amount, giving you a total of 4x increase to your rebirth multipliers.
  • Monuments and Upgrades together can massively increase rebirth multipliers. The Upgrade contribution is capped based on your current god and number of PBC done, but Monuments will continue to contribute beyond the Upgrade cap.
  • Pets can increase your rebirth multipliers by up to 999% (10x) with enough growth and training. This can be increased with certain Dojo upgrades.
  • Pet Multiplier Campaigns can increase the pet rebirth multiplier even more.

1 While you want the highest possible stat multi, your statistic multiplier cannot exceed your god multiplier.

Things Lost Upon Rebirth

  • Unfinished Pet Dungeons and Pet Campaigns are cancelled and no reward will be given. However, rebirth bacon allows dungeons to continue across rebirths.
  • Pet levels (but not dungeon level or class level) and the Pet multipliers that they provide are reset.
  • Any Pet Food you have, other than chocolate, is discarded unless you have the Refrigerator from Premium Shop/Items.
  • Pet hunger is reset to 100%, except for pets which are in a Dungeon and using rebirth bacon.
  • Might levels, Planet Multiplier, TBS, and RTI temp levels are reset.

Note: RTI temp levels are converted into permanent levels at a rate based on the duration of your rebirth.